Block Party 2017!

This year’s block party will be held on Saturday, September 23rd.  More details coming soon!


Win $500 just for checking a box!!

Last month, we mailed a ballot for two (2) amendment proposals to the Declarations & By-Laws for Carriage Run Phase IV Homeowners Association.  The (2) amendment proposals are:

  1. Requirement that Board Members be resident homeowners
  2. Change quorum vote requirements from the present 75% of all homeowners to 67%

We will soon be sending out letters with ballots again.  Please send your ballots back in the envelope provided, and you will be eligible for the $500 prize!

A quorum of 75% of homeowners is currently required to vote on any referendum; however, it does not depend on the outcome of the results…either way.  Once the quorum is met, we will conduct the drawing for the $500 prize.  (Board members are not eligible for the prize).

Pet issues costing residents

The Board has received so many complaints about pet droppings that we have decided to pay someone to police the grounds and pickup all the #2.  This money comes from YOU the homeowner.  Wouldn’t you rather see your money going towards other things in the community?  Remember that it is not only unsanitary for everyone…especially the children that play on the grass…it also is against the rules of the association.   If you see someone with a pet that does not pickup after them…please report them to us.  Thank you.

Pet Issues….Please be considerate of your neighbors!

  1. There have been many complaints about dog / pet droppings everywhere.  Please be aware that this is against the rules and you will get fined.  Just be neighborly and clean up after your pet!
  2. Tethering or tying you pet up outside (even if you are sitting there with it) is not allowed at anytime.
  3. Cats are not permitted to roam outside unattended.
  4. Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside.

Thank you!

2nd Annual Block Party

Our 2nd annual block was held on September 10th and fun was had by all!  The weather was great (well…a little hot) and we had a good turnout.  Cheryl’s husband Jim was nice enough to bring a Skippack fire truck and our special guest Spider-man stopped by to say hello!  Please tell your neighbors that weren’t there to come out next year.  Thanks again to everyone that was there and to everyone that helped!  We hope to see see everyone again in 2017!

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2016 Post-Annual Meeting Notes and Reminders

  • New Enforcement Procedures – Find it under the “HOA Rules, Regulations, & Forms” page.
  • We’ve updated some of the association Rules & Regulations and are discussing updates to the Bylaws, including a requirement that board members be resident owners. We’ll be electing board members for new terms at the annual meeting.
  • We’re reviewing design concepts for an entryway sign at the corner of Mensch and Carriage Drive.
  • We’ve received several complaints in the last year about pets disturbing owners and visitors. Pets are not allowed to be left outdoors unattended, never to be off the leash, not permitted to disturb other unit’s owners, their tenants or visitors, and, as always, please clean up after your pets. The full list of Carriage Run rules & regs is here:
  • We’re considering landscaping ties replacement options to repair the curbs and islands that have been damaged or are past their useful life.
  • Please remember that any exterior modification to a unit requires the submission and approval of an Architectural Variance.
  • We’ll be installing new “Speed Limit 15” signs throughout the development. Please drive slowly and carefully!
  • Don’t forget and tell your neighbors: We need your email address! We won’t be publishing a print newsletter anymore, and this website and email will be the primary way we’ll send out information to residents.